How to make Snapshots into Photographs: Workshop Series for Beginners

Digital camera 
If you would like image critiquing, ability to download and forward images via internet to the instructor
Patience and a willingness to experiment
Willingness to ask any question

Course details

TIME: 4-6pm
Thursday Nov 13 
Wed Nov. 19
Thurs Nov. 27 (No Class)
Thursday Dec. 4, 11, 16th
Snelgrove Gallery (Rootseller)

COST: $120.00 (pre-registration required)
Visa MC Cash or Check

CONTACT: Toby Snelgrove 
                    250 539 2123, or 

How often have you returned from a trip or an event only to be disappointed with your pictures. Why did that beautiful scene come out so poorly? How come that family picture did not do the event justice? Numerous people at differing levels of skill have asked me to offer a photography workshop. When Angela Pike asked if I would contribute to alleviate the winter doldrums by offering “something”, I agreed.

I thought I would start by offering a very basic course, something anyone could attend and get something out if it but include information for the neophyte photographer. The purpose of this workshop series is to put you in control of your camera hopefully enabling you to find ways to turn that “snapshot” into a “photograph”. 

The program will be run as a series of five, 2 hour workshops. Each workshop will begin with input on the topic, review of my or images submitted by participants, include in-class assignment, and homework assignment. Also, because of the limited amount of class time, participants will be able to forward up to 5 images to me each week for out-of-class feedback. Each class may vary somewhat based on the interest and needs of the participants. Also, if there is interest, advanced workshops will follow. To get an idea of my photography, here are some sites you can review:

Here are my suggested topics.

How do I take a picture like that?

Key element to a good photograph – Composition, the rule of thirds, interesting lighting, capturing your point of view.

Taking charge of your camera.

The basics of a digital camera – compact or SLR. How to control for depth of field and exposure; proper use of flash including fill-flash, shooting in low light, to zoom or not to zoom, preventing camera shake (blurry pictures).

People Photography.

Individual portrait – composition, setting, lighting; Family or group pictures; formal and informal settings, bringing out the character

Travel Photography.

What to shoot, how to fame the picture, time of day, telling a story.

Basic image editing and class directed topics and photo review and feedback. In this final class, we will look at simple photo editing (cropping, colour temperature, sharpness, exposure, etc) as well as review homework for session 4, and address problems or topics not yet covered. In this final class, we will review homework for session 4 as well as address problems or topics not yet covered.