“What’s wrong with this Picture”


What’s wrong with the picture! Coaching from Toby Snelgrove

Are you having problems trying to figure out why your picture did not turn out as intended? Was there something missing? This 1.5 hour sessions is based on giving feedback to participants on the results of images they hope to improve. Bring your photo on a flash drive, cd or e-mail them to Toby in advance. Receive coaching on how to improve the image through changes in your camera setting or when or how the picture was captured.

Participants who find this workshop helpful may want to register for the following 5-week session “How to turn your snapshots into Photographs”

Below are examples of the choices  made when attempting to make my potential snapshots into photographs. What is your point of view?

Cost $15

A Two hour photo critique session

Most Wed. 4-5:30 at the snelgrove gallery - let me know you are coming